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24th December 2010

7:53am: New address for blog

My Tea Cozy blog is now at School Library Journal:


The two RSS feeds are:



I don't have a paid LJ account, which means any LJ feeds of the blog is one someone else did -- which means I don't know about it, so if you are commenting on something here at LJ, I don't know about it. 

18th July 2010

11:56am: Nothing new
just another post to not lose the account

3rd December 2009

9:21am: I'm not sure how often I need to post to keep this active.

If anyone knows how I can get my blog's RSS to feed thru here for posts, I'd appreciate it. Keep in mind this is a free account!

16th August 2008

7:49pm: The Book!
I use this mainly so I can have an ID when I comment on LJ accounts, and since I don't have a paid account I cannot connect this to my blogger blog.

But hey -- let me not pass up a chance to promote myself.

Sophie Brookover and I wrote a book: Pop Goes the Library. Information about the book is at the original Pop blog; and you know how spoiled books are today. The book demanded a blog of its own.

23rd May 2006

9:40am: A Chair A Fireplace And A Tea Cozy.
My Blog is at A Chair, A Fireplace And A Tea Cozy.

That was syndicated here at LiveJournal at http://syndicated.livejournal.com/yzocaet/, friend linke yzocaet.

I still haven't decided what to do here.
Current Mood: creative

6th January 2006

7:16pm: I think this will work for the friends link: yzocaet
6:59pm: Thanks to the wonderful connorgal, I now have a syndicated account at http://www.livejournal.com/users/yzocaet/

All you need to do is add yzocaet to your friends list.


3rd August 2005

8:47am: Hi
I'm still deciding what I'll be posting here. In the meanwhile, I like the friends feature.
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